These Marc Jacobs Headphones Can Be Thrown In The Wash Like A T-Shirt

As an accessory that a lot of us cubicle dwellers wear all day, every day, headphones get exposed to a whole lot of gross stuff. Between regular ol’ dust and being pressed up against your dandruff, sweat, and earwax, it seems like headphone hygiene should be more of a priority.

In that vein, Swedish headphone makers Urbanears teamed up with designer Marc Jacobs to create a line of fashion-forward headphones that are, unlike most electronic accessories, washable. Urbanears’ “Humlan” line of headphones are designed to allow you to peel off the headband and ear cushions and throw them straight in the washing machine, just like any old t-shirt.

The Urbanears x Marc by Marc Jacobs Collection adds the fashion designer’s colorful flair. The textures and colors in the collection were inspired by elements found in nature: ocean blue, berry red, and the rainbow sheen of oil. And now you don’t have to worry about those colors turning a little grungy: You can peel off the fabric elements and wash them any time.

Get them from Urbanears for $60.

[h/t designboom]SF