Here’s The Pee Font You Never Knew You Wanted

I’m just hypothesizing here, but if I had a bodily device capable of shooting a mildly disgusting liquid wherever I wanted, and could even use it to draw, I would never, ever be bored. There is a primal, visceral power that peeing on illicit surfaces evokes in the human mind. But what if you’re in a situation in which openly pissing on things isn’t socially acceptable (or don’t have a penis)? Worry no more, for the pee font is here.

Artist Aravindan Thirunavukarasu (there’s a guide to pronouncing his name on his site), has finally satisfied our collective urge to see our name in gleaming pee, without even breaking the law! After urinating every letter onto a wall and photographing it, Thirunavukarasu designed a font based off the photos, which can be downloaded for free. We can think of all kinds of places this font would be appropriate, like on a birthday card to your enemy, in an office memo or on a poster for a production of Urinetown. The possibilities are truly endless.

Thirunavukarasu says he created the font as a “tribute to all the wall painters and to the ones who can’t pee on the wall.” Thank you, Thirunavukarasu. You have made the world a better place.

[H/T: Boing Boing]SW