Technicolor Type Calendar Turns Every Month Into A Kaleidoscope

Word art may be among the most reviled of arts, but the MWM 2015 calendar by graphic designer Matt W. Moore is enough to justify the form. It’s a wall calendar that uses technicolor typography to make the name of every month into a trippy kaleidoscope.

What I like most about the MWM 2015 calendar is that even though each design is just word art of every month from January to December, every page looks radically different. As designed by Moore, January has an Art Deco feel, February is a 1960s lava lamp feel, and March is a tortured slinky. April is 16-bit pixel art, and May is a camouflage pattern rendered in gack.

Moore calls his design process vectorfunk. Here’s a behind-the-scenes time lapse showing each design being built over time:

It’s a beautiful calendar. I’m already sending out hints to my mother-in-law (who always buys me a calendar for Christmas) that this would make a better choice for 2015 than the inexplicable Walking Dead calendar she gave me last year.

You can buy one here for just $39.

[H/T: Notcot]