Can A New Web App Help Solve The “What Movie Should We Watch” Conundrum?

Movieo’s simple interface hopes to help the cinematically challenged.

Movieo, a new web app created by European programmers, is attempting to solve a classic date night (or any night) problem: what movie should we watch?


As streaming services proliferate and fewer people have cable TV, deciding what to watch is increasingly left up to the viewer. Though many have tried, till now there has been no one service that provides, a simple, accessible breakdown of the possibilities. Movieo may just be the solution to this modern conundrum.

On Movieo, films are listed in either a icon or list format and can be ranked by a variety of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Mouse over a film and a pop up summary will appear along with its release date, runtime, genre, director, cast, and ratings. A slider on the left allows you to filter films by the era they were released. Other filters include country of origin and genre. The search function on the top allows search by movie title or person.

Developers Ivor Reic, Vedran Marcetic and Sinisa Mikulic, who created Movieo as a side project from their jobs at American start ups, hail from Zagreb and Berlin, so perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that an impressive selection of foreign films are included in Movieo’s listings, which are drawn from the open source Movie Database project. Select Albania, for instance, and twelve titles appear, with synopses in English. In fact, every country on the list, including Tajikistan, Macau and Micronesia, yields at least one result. If nothing else, Movieo could be a great discovery tool for films from places we rarely encounter in Western cinema.

Over an email with Co.Design, Ivor Reic emphasized that the app is currently in it’s beta stage, and was released mostly to elicit feedback from early users. The most requested feature, he says, is integration with streaming services like Netflix, which his team are hard at work on. It’s hard to judge how useful the service will be until that update happens, as right now the app only provides information that can be found elsewhere (although not in as convenient a format).

Other updates will hopefully introduce “hiding movies you’ve already seen, making custom lists, IMDB imports and many [other additions.]” Though Movieo recruited a front end developer to create the app’s Tumblr-esque interface, Reic told us they had strict guidelines for what Movieo would look like.

“We wanted to create a subtle user interface that puts emphasis on the movies themselves. That meant no bright colors [and] no crazy typeface combinations,” he said, noting that their design inspirations included Rémi Fayolle and Gilles Bertaux (who were behind this beautiful redesigned IMDB interface concept), Mixpanel designer Julien Renvoye and Letterboxd, a film journaling website similar to Goodreads.


Reic says that monetization is not a high priority for the team, who built the app for fun, but if that does happen down the line, user experience will still take precedence. “That means no ads, no annoying popups, or anything of that sort,” he said.

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