Elegant, Clamp-On Table Legs Attach In Seconds

Any woodworker can attest to the strength of a bar clamp to quickly affix a job to a table. But while we trust these clamps while wielding a power saw, we don’t trust them while holding a knife and fork at the dinner table. Why isn’t more of our furniture clamped?

Adap.Table Legs ask just that. A new project on Indiegogo by designers Ta Yang Hsu and Francois Elphick, these powder-coated steel legs slide onto the corners of any cut of wood, then clamp on with the twist of a screw. Easy.

They’re offered in two models, the Ribbon, which exposes the clamp guts for an improvised-chic aesthetic, and Delta, which masks the clamp with a sharp, tapering steel line. Both models are recommended for tables that are four feet wide (which is definitely a bit snug for dinner) and two inches thick (which, traditionally speaking, is quite thick for a 4-foot table). But they’re hearty enough to support over 220lbs and boards as thin as 1.5 centimeters. If you’ve moved as often as I have over the past decade, you’ll probably find the prospect of quick-disassemble, rapidly reconfigurable furniture just as appealing.

The Adap.Table Legs are on pre-order now, starting at $230 for a set of four.

Buy them here.

[h/t: bltd]