A Travel Kit For Boozing On The Plane

On most domestic flights, the best drink you can get is a can of Mr. & Mrs. T tomato juice spiked with vodka, or maybe a mini bottle of Glenfiddich. But say you’re a connoisseur of mixology. Can’t you do better?

Yes, yes you can, thanks to the Carry On Cocktail Kit, a collaboration between the Brooklyn design studio W&P Design and online magazine Punch. It’s a flat, tin box that contains almost everything you need to mix two Old Fashioneds: A recipe card, a spoon (or “muddler”), two packets of sugar, a linen coaster, and, most importantly, a tiny bottle of artisanal bitters. You’ll still have to order ice and whiskey from your flight attendant–the ice for practical reasons, the whiskey because, per FAA regulations, you cannot consume alcohol that you bring on the plane.

The two design studios behind the kit were pretty brilliant to choose the Old Fashioned as their drink of choice on the plane. After all, an Old Fashioned is really just sweetened whiskey with some aromatics tossed in, and it’s generally stirred rather than shaken for clean preparation on your tray table. It doesn’t call for a frothed egg white, fresh squeezed citrus, a bushel of fresh herbs, or the omnipresent absinthe-kicker that’s so trendy on drink menus, so you’ll only annoy your seatmates with your breath and bad behavior, not your outlandish commitment to your craft. But building the kit still required some clever innovation: Designers retrofitted two industrial pumps that normally filled perfume sample bottles to package the bitters, and with that tiny-bottling infrastructure in place, they’ll be able to produce more kits in the future, like whiskey sours and champagne cocktails.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit is available now for $24.

Order it here.

[h/t: Uncrate]