The One Holiday Card You Can Use Year-Round

Pop Chart Labs, who do a lot of cool things, are selling a $5 card for the holiday season in the form of a chart.

The card, which is one of the least festive we’ve ever seen, invites the sender to check a box indicating its purpose. Sentiments on the Y axis include “mazel tov” and “thinking of you this,” and occasions are on the X axis, such as Christmas, or Birthday.

Most greeting card cliches can be created with this simple formula, but Pop Chart also added in a few inappropriate selections to spice it up, and it’s more fun to think about these nonsensical possibilities. For example: “I guess you can have an adequate baby,” “Endure a subpar retirement,” or “Enjoy your miserably wretched Diwali.”

Alternatively, you could use the boxes to draw an eight-bit Christmas tree, it’s really your call.SW