The Adobe Moleskine Can Beam Your Sketches To Photoshop

The catch? You’ll need to take a photo with your phone to do it.

Let me guess. You’ve learned how to make a living wielding a mouse in Photoshop or Illustrator all day, but you still dream of sitting casually in a coffee shop, sipping lattes and sketching in Moleskines, like a beatnik with a dayjob.


Now, that possibility comes a step closer. Moleskine and Adobe have partnered on a new Creative Cloud Moleskine notebook. You draw in the book, take a photo with a connected app, and a vector version of your sketch is beamed to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, where it can be edited in Photoshop or Illustrator. You could use the app without the notebook, of course, but the Moleskine paper provides dots on each page that serve as a frame of reference to remove distortion from less-than-flat paper or a wonky lens.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Moleskine embrace the shifting digital culture. Recently, they’ve released notebooks that pair with Livescribe pens to automatically digitize notes and doodles, and Evernote to upload your analog day planner into your cloud-based calendar. And looking back at both of those previous projects, the Adobe Moleskine might feel a bit conservative.

You cannot tag pages with stickers, like you can with the Evernote Moleskine. And you cannot scribble a doodle and have it automagically sync, like you can with the Livescribe Moleskine. Indeed, compared to the Livescribe solution, the Adobe Moleskine requires a point of friction–using your phone to take a picture–that makes it a step less than magical than the perfect Adobe notebook would be.

That said, no product has yet bridged the gap between paper and screens with perfect seamlessness. And the pure scale of the Adobe partnership make it Moleskine’s most audacious release to date. Moleskine is a $100 million business unto itself, and now they’re teaming up with Adobe, which does $4 billion in revenue a year, and serves over 500,000 subscribers to the Creative Cloud. Put simply, Photoshop and Illustrator continue to be the gold standard across the design industry, and aside from their own experiments in hardware, now they have a Moleskine backing them up.

The Adobe Creative Cloud branded Moleskine notebook is available for pre-order now for $33.

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