Ikea Reissues Original Midcentury Furniture

If you find the Ikea catalog irresistible today, you should see what they were making 60 years ago: High-back Victorian seats, sleek papasan chairs, and, of course, plenty of the casually elegant midcentury modern stuff that we know so well from Mad Men.

Now, Ikea is reintroducing 26 different seats, sofas, rugs, lamps, and dishes from the 1950s to the 1970s. It’s called the Årgång collection. It’s only available for a limited time. And the items can only be purchased in-person at select stores (Ikea recommends calling in advance).

There are some great-looking finds in the collection. Along the lines of midcentury modern, the Ekenäset chair runs $200 and appears to be the crown jewel of the collection (hunt around any modern furniture store and the same thing will cost you two to four times as much). Those looking for something more funky will find everything from circular chairs to the red glass Gårdskär pendant lamp.

The Årgång collection is available now. We’re not seeing a U.S. site for it yet, but if you don’t mind the translations, you can see more here.MW