Modern Hieroglyphics That Only Speak The Language Of Burgers

Imagine if every word in our written language was somehow related to the preparation and consumption of hamburgers. No vowels. No consonants. No regional dialects or accent marks. Just a series of icons that speak the universal language of charred ground beef on a bun.

For better or worse, that day has come. The Saudi Arabian burger chain, Burgeronomy, hired Spanish creative agency Nueve to create a new brand identity. What resulted was a series of glyphs–a language built from minimalist burger abstractions–that represent the wide world of hamburgers.

A triangle is a wedge of cheese. A squiggly line is a “sauce” (let’s just call it mustard). Three parallel lines are fries. And a circle, of course, is the hot umami flesh of a burger itself. Indeed, Burgeronomy has created a gorgeous and fun bit of branding, with its only misstep being the symbol for hot dog, which unequivocally resembles the 180-degree arc of a hard shell taco*.

*If for some reason Burgeronomy actually serves a hot dog on a hard taco shell, we will eat our words on this–and we’d probably try the dog taco, too, so long as we’re at it.

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[h/t: Packaging of the World]