Win At This Card Game By Mastering The Color Spectrum

Is there anything as OCD-satisfying as laying out color into the perfect rainbow gradient? We dare say not, which is why we’ve been charmed by Spectrix, a card game that’s all about organizing color.

In Spectrix, each card is a color swatch, but otherwise, the mechanics are just like Rummy. You lay down cards in three-of-a-kind matching colors, or you lay them down in 3+ card color arrays. The goal is to get rid of your entire hand first.

Priced at $15 or less, Spectrix is a tempting stocking stuffer. And it’s one of many design-snob-friendly, color-based board games you can find by Funnybone Toys. (We know what you’re thinking. No, this isn’t a sponsored post! We’ve just found ourselves a bit late coming to the Funnybone party and realized we really dig what they do.)

Buy Spectrix on Cooper Hewitt or Amazon.

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