You Need To Snuggle Up To These Sweater-Knit Pillows Immediately

The cozy season is upon us. The weather is turning cold, some prime eating-related holidays are coming up, and it’s just about time to dive under a couch blanket and resolve to not come out again until May. If, like some of us, your couch dive lands you amongst the cheapest, limpest Target-brand cushions imaginable, join us in lusting after these super cuddly looking pillows from Arcade Avec, a collection of Italy-based furniture and home accessory designers. If your best wool sweater got hot ‘n’ heavy with your favorite pillow, this cushion line would be their love child.

The cable-knit pillows are made in Brazil using hand-spun, dyed, and knitted Merino wool, and come in a variety of colors. This kind of hand-crafted beauty, of course, comes at a premium–for the same amount of money, you could get an entire couch at Ikea. It’s a bit of a steep price for something that with any luck you would immediately fall asleep and drool on, but such is the price of true comfort.

Smaller pillows start at $400 while larger ones run up to $775.

[h/t: T magazine]SF