This Deodorizing Toilet Seat Makes Your Poop Smell Like Avocados

Kohler thinks its shit don’t stink.

Wisconsin-based toilet titan Kohler is determined to design away any potential discomfort involved with disposing of human waste. If a $6,400 heated, remote-controlled home DJ/toilet seems a bit too much for your bathroom tastes, the company is now hawking a toilet seat that merely makes your poop smell like avocados and waterfalls.


Purefresh–an in-seat deodorizer that runs on D batteries, carbon filters, and scent packs not like your favorite Air Wick plugin–is meant to design away that oldest of bathroom anxieties: oh-my-god-can-you-smell-my-poop?? While previous generations have made liberal use of candles, incense oil, the occasional potpourri, or just plain matches, we’re now in the 21st century: Why not deodorize at the source?

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the seat subtly and automatically rids your bathroom of any eau de toilet:

The seat turns on automatically when someone sits down. The fan emits a slight hum as it filters the offending odor. The air flows over a scent pack similar to air fresheners used in cars, and the masking smell builds gradually.

At the moment, Kohler is offering three different varieties of olfactory bathroom ambiances: garden waterfall, fresh laundry, and avocado spa. The Purefresh technology comes in a $90 toilet seat or as a “complete toileting solution” (i.e. the whole bowl-and-tank shebang).

Toilet humor aside, it’s not the dumbest business move. I mean, what do you really want out of a toilet other than that it successfully disappears your biggest and most embarrassing bowel movements without overflowing and flooding your bathroom with human waste? Very few people really want a high-tech toilet with all the bells and whistles (though those toilets do exist, in abundance). But toilet makers still have to distinguish their particular products somehow. A scented seat may be just low-key enough to attract customers without making them feel like they’re buying a $7,000 robot turd disposal.

Plus, a double-duty toilet/air freshener lets you toss your candle clutter for a perfectly minimalist commode. And in case an errant natural smell wasn’t the only fear keeping you from using the toilet, the seat comes with an LED nightlight so you don’t have to endure a midnight pee in total darkness. Innovation!



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