Handsome Coats Made From Recycled Wool Blankets

Some winter days, you just want to snuggle into a blanket and never emerge. Sadly, once outside the house, society seems to frown upon the swaddled-adult look as a fashion choice. No fashionista would look askance at these blanket-turned-coats from Amsterdam-based fashion brand Wintervacht, though.

The Dutch studio, the brainchild of art school friends Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoeckel, takes decades-old wool blankets and turns them into stylish outerwear. The designers dig through wares at flea markets, thrift stores, and textile recycling facilities to find high-quality wool blankets that can be cleaned and remade into coats. The average blanket can be recycled into two short coats or, available from Wintervacht for the first time this year, a long coat.

The blankets aren’t re-dyed, so each coat retains the unique pattern and color of the original item. May we suggest you pair your new blanket-coat with these sweater-pillows?

Short coats sell for about $180, long coats for $250. Get them here.

[h/t: Cool Hunting]SF