Visualize All The Notes In Your Favorite Songs With Pianogram

Created by software programmer Joey Cloud, the Pianogram is a fun new tool for converting sound into visuals. It crosses a histogram with a piano keyboard to visualize the most-played notes in famous compositions. By translating sound into data, it turns your favorite etudes, sonatas, and preludes into black-and-white bar graphs.


There are pre-set options you can select and view from a drop down menu, from Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” to “Chopsticks,” which uses all of 10 notes. Or, you can upload your own MIDI files of piano compositions, and the Pianogram will visualize them for you. We’d like to see a visualization of Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti’s “The Devil’s Staircase,” which famously uses all 88 keys on the piano. Play around with Pianogram here.

[h/t: FlowingData]CD