• 12.22.14

The Best User Interfaces Of 2014

Virtual reality. Makeshift Holodecks. And sketches that float in 3-D. These are the wildest ideas we’ve seen in user interface in 2014.

In terms of smartphones and tablet interfaces, Google may have stolen 2014 with their landmark Material Design philosophy. But outside of that space, things are about to get weird. Really weird.


We sit on the precipice of a war for your face, in which companies like Facebook, Samsung, and Sony are making major investments in virtual reality technology. At the same time, we see companies like Microsoft experimenting on the complete opposite end of the spectrum–turning entire rooms into screens that a whole party can share.

In the slideshow above, you’ll see some of 2014’s wildest ideas in interface design, ranging from whimsical light bulbs that can absorb any color they touch, to tiny robots that work together to become the physical buttons and levers of your software. Consider it a CliffsNotes review of the year in interaction design, and a primer for things to come in 2015.

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