• 12.08.14

This App Freaks Out Your Friends By Liking Their Super Old Instagram Photos

“Like Creeper” is like social media Russian roulette.

We stumbled upon a new app with one simple purpose: to like a random, ancient photo from one of your friends’ Instagram feeds. Like Creeper is meant to freak out someone you follow by giving them the impression that you’ve been scrolling way, way back through their profile. Adding to the risk factor is the fact that the choice of friend is random as well: exes, relatives, and anyone else you might follow are all equal possibilities.


Why would anyone do this? We tried Like Creeper out, and it’s surprisingly fun.

The risk of embarrassment provokes a tiny adrenaline rush, followed by relief that it only liked old Miley Cyrus photo, or something equally benign. Allowing our social media presence, which has become such an integral part of our self perception, to go momentarily out of our control is strangely thrilling, like making a prank phone call or trespassing. Come on. Try it again.

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