Cyclops Stools That Look Like Adorable Aliens From Another World

Crouched like one of the otherworldly bathhouse denizens from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, there’s so much to love these weird yet adorable stools. Designed as the debut product of design house Phillip Grass, a new design house coming out of Denmark, the Companion series of stool is a triple threat: as Design Milk points out, it can serve as a small table, an extra seat, or just as a conversation piece. (“Uh. Who’s that dude in the corner?”)

The stool comes in two different models: the regular Companion, which looks like some dreamy cyclops staring off into space with his chin cupped in his hands, or the Companion 4-Legs, a more dog-like quadruped version of the same stool. While the legs are encased in power-coated steel, the seats themselves are wood, with a cross-section lopped off and painted at the end to give each Companion Stool an unblinking eye.

They come in four colors, including black, white, cornflower, and aqua, as well as beech, oak, and mahogany woods. But while I really dig these, part of me wishes Phillip Grass sold these without the eyes: even without that whimsical touch, these stools have great lines.

Each stool can be purchased starting at roughly $385 dollars and are available direct from Phillip Grass. We’re looking forward to seeing what they do next.

[h/t: Design Milk]JB