A Frog Designer’s Guide To Giving Presents

A Frog Designer’s Guide To Giving Presents
[Top photo: LoloStock via Shutterstock]

It’s gift-giving season, which for many of us means weeks of indecision, procrastination, and late-night Amazon purchases expedited for Christmas Eve delivery. Giving someone the perfect gift is hard. It requires a combination of creativity, deep understanding of the giftee’s life and character, patience, and often, a touch of luck.

Frog creative director Steve Selzer has put together a guide to gift giving, using a designer’s wisdom to solve the ultimate holiday problem: What do your friends and family not just need, but want?

Selzer’s approach to gift-giving include the basic ground rules that guide any good designer as he or she approaches a challenge–do the research, make it functional and beautiful, and tell a good story. Here are his five tips for giving the perfect gift:

  • 1. Fulfill an Unknown Need 
  • 2. Give a High-Quality, Functional Gift
  • 3. Give a Beautiful, Unique Gift
  • 4. Give a Gift That Does Good
  • 5. Tell a Meaningful Story

Read Selzer’s whole guide, complete with tales from his best gift-giving experience ever, here. And if you still can’t manage to think of a good gift, check out a few of our favorite things.SF