A Stunning Dance Piece That Combines Traditional Choreography With Digital Projection

French performance artists and choreographers Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne, known as Adrien M/Claire B, combine digital projection with human bodies in motion to beautifully disorienting results.

Their most recent piece, Pixel enmeshes dancers, ice skaters and performance artists in a world of holographic white lines. Appearing to affect the digital graphics that surround them (and vice versa), the dancers appear to affect the graphics that surround them and vice versa, the dancers evoke a video game come to life.

In some ways, this is what dance has always done: using the human body to give life to empty space. Mondot and Bardainne are merely taking advantage of the most recent technology to enhance their vision, creating a spectacular fusion of physical and virtual spaces.

The show is currently on tour through France, and will be coming to the US in 2015, see the dates here. We’ll be excited to see the whole piece when we have the chance.

[h/t Prosthetic Knowledge]SW