Sticky Notes That Look Like A Mondrian

God bless Piet Mondrian. The Dutch painter’s abstract geometric paintings have not just been a boon to art lovers, but to designers all over the world, who can drop a few blue, yellow, and red boxes on everything from lunchboxes to bowling ball bags, label it Mondrian, and call it a day. No wonder. It works.

Consider, for example, the Monde Riant, a set of sticky notes–which, in the good fight against genericized trademarks, we won’t call Post-Its–resembles any of Mondrian’s Compositions in Red, Blue, and Yellow. Is there anything more to it than that? No, not at all. Heck, if you raided your office’s supply closet, chances are you could mock up a Mondrian array of sticky notes on your desk right now.

Designed by Assia Quétin and Catherine Denoyelle of PA Design, you can sign up to buy the Monde Riant when it becomes available in February next year by clicking here. It will cost around $17.

[h/t: Design Milk]JB