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A Terrifying Video Collage Taken From One Day Of News Images

The 24-hour news cycle warped into a dystopian dreamscape.

A Terrifying Video Collage Taken From One Day Of News Images
[All Images: Parag K. Mital & Evan Boehm]

On December 10, 2013, artists Parag K. Mital and Evan Boehm spent the day watching news. Then they collaged images from it into a video, Untitled No. 1, which stands as a harrowing critique of the 24-hour news cycles and how it desensitizes us to the humanity of the people it covers.

A mesmerizing, ominous pastiche of news images grow and warp throughout the video. Some are recognizable: Nelson Mandela’s death and the uprisings in Ukraine make appearances, along with President Obama speaking from the White House. But for the most part the artists distorted the images so heavily you can’t make out what’s what, and Mital and Boehm use the images to create abstract shapes. Rob Hart‘s brutal, industrial score underlines the monstrosity of the constantly on news cycle. The clip ends with the images coalescing into a kind of media-created demon child. This is dystopian imagery, and the artists have heartily succeeded in freaking us out.

[h/t: It’s Nice That, Prosthetic Knowledge]

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