An App To Help You Cook A Waste-Free Holiday Meal

Families in the U.S. throw away 14% to 25% of the food they buy every year, wasting $1,365 to $2,275 in the process. London design firm Seymourpowell noticed similar wastefulness in the U.K., as well, especially around the holidays, and wanted to do something about it.

The firm created a conceptual app, the Waste-Free Christmas Dinner Maker (WCDM), which leads you through every step of the shopping and cooking process to ensure that you won’t have anything left to throw away. The process begins by picking portion sizes for your guests and deciding on a menu. If, for example, you choose to remove brussels sprouts, the app would also automatically increase the amount of another vegetable to maintain a healthy balance in the meal. Add in the number of guests, and the app will let you know how much of each ingredient is necessary, send that info to the grocery store, and have it all delivered in a reusable delivery package. The app also guides your cooking step by step, with a timeline to ensure you don’t mess something up and have to toss it. When the meal is over, the WCDM app offers suggestions for new meals to make with the leftovers.

It’s hard to believe a real app like this doesn’t exist already. As Seymourpowell points out, it’s all in the realm of technology we already have and that’s commonly used.

[H/T: Dezeen]SW