• 01.05.15

This Short Animation Perfectly Sums Up Those Workdays From Hell

And you thought you were having a bad day.

The German short film Lost Cubert opens on its animated title character sitting calmly at a desk that fully encircles him, running through a repetitive, Kafka-esque series of motions. But things are about to get weirder: Cubert is suddenly sucked out of his mundanity, trapped on the ceiling with only one door for escape, which connects to another gravity-shifting location in the same room.


The film brings to mind a mix of the physics-defying video game Portal and David Foster Wallace’s bureaucratic epic The Pale King. Originally a student project directed by Jakob Schmidt, Felix Fischer, and Carolin Schramm, the short has been selected to screen at festivals around the world, including Estonia’s Animated Dreams, Mexico’s Cutout Fest and Korea’s Asiana International Short Film Festival.

[h/t: the Verge]

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