• 01.09.15

See Every Instagram You Took Last Year Woven Into One Image

Weevmee visualizes the colors and textures of 2014.

Two weeks into January, and 2014 already feels like a long time ago, but this fun app might convince you to revisit it one last time. Weevmee, created by New York design agency HUSH, produces one composite image combining every Instagram you took last year. These “Weevs” are abstract personal tapestries that vary depending on how many photos you took. “[For] people who get the sample size [between 150 and 250 images in 2014], there’s some weird value where they can recognize some of the images they took,” says David Schwarz, a creative partner at HUSH. “It’s, ‘I remember that color. I was in the tropics. That’s the color of my apartment.'” Weevmee is just the first project HUSH intend to launch using this software: “We built in and conceived additional functionality that does several things, more like a tool,” Schwarz says. Check out a gallery of the Weevs people have created so far here.


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