The World’s Most Beautiful Box Of Chocolates

Japanese design house Nendo can make anything better. The designers have revamped rubber bands. They tackled the 4,000-year-old design problem of chopsticks. They even figured out how to make wood transparent for crying out loud.

Still, I’m always happiest when Nendo turns its design genius to crafting delicious treats. Nendo already makes some of the most beautiful ice cream cakes around, and now the designers are doing the same thing with chocolate, designing a number of beautiful little truffles that look just like geometric forms.

Nendo created the chocolates for Maison&Objet, after being declared M&O’s Designer of the Year. As part of the honor, Nendo was asked to design a lounge for visitors of the upcoming furniture and design show, and also an array of nine designer chocolates, which will be handed out to visitors. They range in shape from a wireframe cube to a dappled visualization of a soundwave.

If you want some Nendo chocolates for yourself, a limited edition set of 400 boxes will be on sale at Nendo’s lounge on January 23 to January 27 at Maison&Objet in Paris. Someone grab me a box?