• 01.22.15

GE Turns Its Stoves Into Sous Vide Machines

A simple wireless dongle transforms GE’s top line stove into a sous vide machine.

GE Turns Its Stoves Into Sous Vide Machines
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Sous vide is the hottest old technology in the culinary world, in which a water bath cooks meats and other foods at low very low temperatures over long periods of time. There’s no surer way to nail a steak at a perfect medium rare than placing it in a 126°F bath, but sous vide requires home cooks to buy extra bits of equipment like water circulators, which help to take advantage of the technology and ensure you have no hot or cold pockets of water.

But GE has taken a big step in eliminating the specialty equipment behind sous vide. Their new Monogram induction burner stove, starting at $2,600, comes with an optional $150 thermometer. The thermometer clips onto a water-filled pot, and coordinates with the stove (via Bluetooth) to heat the pot’s contents to any temperature you set, turning your stove and whatever dumb pot you have into your very own sous vide machine.

Truth be told, GE’s solution is only about $50 cheaper than the clip-on, standalone sous vide machines you can buy from Anova, and it remains to be seen if GE’s solution works as well without true water circulators onboard. But at the same time, GE’s Bluetooth thermometer has a certain waste-not appeal, doesn’t it? Rather than buying yet another tool to heat water, GE’s sous vide dongle strips sous vide down to the bare essentials, and theoretically makes use of the stove you already have.

Now if only it worked with the old, dumb stoves that most of us cook dinner on, then we’d really have something.

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