New App Makes The Dress-Me Game From “Clueless” Real

If you ever envied Cher Horowitz’s digitized closet in ‘90s cult classic Clueless, a new app called ClosetSpace offers what might be the closest thing to a real-life 21st-century version.

Developed by fashion analytics company Stylitics, the free smartphone app feeds you daily outfit suggestions from a virtual catalog of every item in your closet, style inspirations from 135 top fashion bloggers, and access to a personal stylist for an additional $25 a month. You can sync your outfits with your Google Calendar, keeping tabs on exactly what you wore on a given day, to ensure you don’t commit the fatal faux-pas of wearing something too often. If you’re obsessively fashion-conscious, or your daily dressing routine consists of throwing the contents of your closet around the room and declaring you have “nothing to wear,” the app turns choosing outfits into a systematized, fun little game.

Stylitics’ business model relies on the anonymized data it draws from the consumer app and then sells to paying customers. Businesses use Stylitics’ analytics to stay abreast of changing fashion trends.

People have been dressing themselves without the help of an app since the invention of loincloths, and it’s possible that ClosetSpace could make the process of putting on clothes more instead of less complicated. But who knows–maybe it could turn the Tys among us into regular Chers.

ClosetSpace is available for free from the iTunes store for iOS and Android.

[via TechCrunch]