Watch How Snowmageddon Spread Across Twitter

Do you remember Friday, January 23? How could you? Life was meaningless. #Snowmageddon2015 was barely a thing then. It probably wasn’t even trending.

But as we see in this map of the last four days of Snowmageddon tweets, produced by Twitter’s Data Editor Simon Rogers, things changed quickly. What began as a quiet conversation between a few East Coasters on Friday drifted to take over much of the South, Midwest, and West Coast by Sunday, even though those regions would be unaffected by #Snowmageddon2015 (a monster I’ve begun to picture as the abominable snowman dreamily reading the July issue of the New Yorker).

By last night, Snowmageddon had spread across the U.S. in nothing short of a blizzard of tweets. Life is quite a ride, even for those of us watching from the cheap seats.

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