Now On Airbnb: An Alpine Cable Car That Dangles 9,000 Feet In The Air

A cable car suspended in the air near the icy town of Courcheval in the French Alps has been transformed into a luxurious apartment, and it’s now on Airbnb. But not just anyone can rent it: It’s only available as the grand prize in Airbnb’s latest competition.

Hanging near the top of the Sommet de la Saulire—a mountain in the Massif de la Vano above sea level—the cable car has been turned into a beautiful one-bedroom, two-bed apartment, capable of playing host to up to four guests at a time.

According to Airbnb, up to four guests will be chauffeured up the mountain on snowmobiles before being plied with mulled wine at the Saulire summit. They will then check into their room, where they will be served cheese fondue, before their room is winched up for the night to the very highest point of Courcheval.

It’s all part of Airbnb’s “A Night At” initiative, which promotes the room-sharing service by periodically giving away 24-hour getaways to intriguing, one-of-a-kind locations: for example, a commercial jet or an Ikea.

Dangling precipitously from a creaking cable hundreds of feet above the craggy ground as the Alpine wind causes you to teeter vertiginously to and fro: Doesn’t that sound like a relaxing getaway?

If so, you’d better get cracking. Only four winners will be chosen. To enter the competition, click here and explain in 100 words why you deserve to win. Please, people, no one steal my answer: “I’ve watched On Her Majesty’s Secret Service like a billion times.”