Is This Sky Garden The Workplace Of The Future?

The way we work is changing. Most people don’t need to show up for work at a stodgy office building at 9 a.m. anymore. We work in coffee shops. We work from home at odd hours. We stand up while we work. And if interior designers Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson have their way, we’ll grow our own food at work, too.

Cassidy and Wilson envision the future of the workplace as a health-conscious, easy adaptable space where employees’ needs come first. Their winning design for the Metropolis Workplace of the Future design competition (presented in conjunction with Business Interiors by Staples), Organic Grid+, is a high-rise sky garden.

The walls, desks, and meeting rooms of the office are designed to be customized and adapted by their users, and garden stations throughout provide places for employees to grow and harvest their own food. The plants would help workers reduce stress and double as indoor climate control, reducing the need for a hefty cooling system.

“If we spend one-third of our lives at work, then we should create a greater cohesive relationship between the employee and the workspace,” Cassidy told Metropolis. Granted, forcing employees to grow their own food desk-side could be just another corporate ploy to keep workers from leaving the office, but hey, at least you’ll get a relaxing garden view!

Check out the Organic Grid+ proposal and more here.SF