Nicholas Felton Will Teach You Data Viz In A $10 Online Class

Nicholas Felton, the information designer behind Facebook’s Timeline and the annual Feltron Report, has just uploaded a course on Skillshare that will introduce you to the art and techniques of data visualization. You’ll have to enroll for $10/mo to watch it.

Over the course of 16 short videos (none is longer than nine minutes, and most are just a few minutes), Felton teaches you how to render meteor strikes on a map. You’ll learn to deal with the data-shaping app Processing, juggle scalable vector graphics, parse a major data set, link that information to markers, and even pick up a few pointers about typography while you’re at it.

Given that few universities even have a curriculum to teach on data viz, Felton’s course is a must-attend for anyone interested in this burgeoning field.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story said that the course was free. It actually requires a $10/mo membership to attend.

Try it here.MW