• 02.05.15

Famous Art Recreated From Pantone Color Chips

Can you recognize these super pixelated famous pieces?

Everyone loves Pantone. Over the past few years, the classic color chips have inspired everything from keyboards to hotels to beer bottle design.


English designer Nick Smith has taken our cultural obsession to the next level, using Pantone chips to recreate classic paintings by artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Rene Magritte. The paintings look like they’ve been heavily pixilated, though you can still recognize most of the paintings through the distortion. One cool thing: the paintings retain the color numbers at the bottom of each chip, so by zooming in, you can compile the color palette of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (according to Pantone, anyway). Smith’s works are on view at Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London until February 20.

[via Sploid]

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