Melting Lightbulbs Heat Up Your Living Room

Light bulbs are perhaps the most boring design object in your house. While the technology may have changed, the average bulb doesn’t look all that different from what Thomas Edison was selling in the 1800s–which we hide in fancy lamps. With her “Light In The Dark” line, Amsterdam-based designer Pieke Bergmans reimagines the normally utilitarian light bulb with a little more whimsy.

The bulbs are contorted and shape-shifting, like a dripping, melting mass of light. Created from blown crystal, the lights slither out of fixtures onto tables and splash over the backs of chairs like melted wax. The shapes recall cartoon whales, balloons, or heavy globs of paint, adding a touch of Salvador Dalí-style surrealism to any room.

For more info and prices, see Bergmans’s website.

[via Design Taxi]SF