Desnahemisfera’s Katedra Desk Is A Study In Contrast

Using both state of the art and ancient materials, the desk is a piece for the ages.

Desnahemisfera’s Katedra Desk Is A Study In Contrast
[Photo: Marcus Gaab]

The new

Kerrock—a composite material similar to Corian—is strong yet malleable, making it ideal for creating Katedra’s sleek, futuristic surface. Embedded in one corner is an Aircharge surface charger, which will juice up a cell phone on contact.

The old

Designer Dejan Kos used wood from the Siberian larch tree—the Old World counterpart to today’s indestructible composites—for the drawers. “Wood is an ancient material,” he says. “It’s the first building material, and I left it rough because of that.”

The timeless

Katedra means “cathedral” in Kos’s native Slovenian. The desk’s combination of rough and graceful materials is meant to evoke the place where the terrestrial meets the ethereal. Around $2,500, depending on exchange rate


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