Oh My Glob! Snag These Awesome Adventure Time-Inspired Doc Martens

Cartoon Network, home of the delightfully bizarre cartoon Adventure Time, teamed up with famed boot makers Dr. Martens to bring us designs inspired by the show.

Available for men and women, two of the three designs are dedicated to each of the series’ main characters. A white shoe represents Finn, who in the show is known as “The Last Human” after a mysterious apocalypse called the Mushroom War wipes out the rest of humanity. Jake, Finn’s loyal partner, a yellow, shapshifting dog, is styled in his trademark bumble bee yellow. It’s not hard to imagine Jake’s character actually becoming a shoe in an Adventure Time episode, a joke that wasn’t lost on the designers. The third pair of boots features a print of Jake and Finn hanging out, including an image of Jake in the shape of the boot itself. Mathematical!

The boots cost between $129.95 and $149.95, and are available for pre-order from Soulstruck. They’ll appear in Dr. Martens stores next month.

[via Nerdcore]SW