Become A Cartoon Character With These Optical Illusion Bags

I don’t know how much time I wasted Googling for evidence that Jump From Paper‘s cartoon-inspired bags aren’t just an elaborate Photoshop job. The bags, which come in a variety of color palettes and styles, from princess pink to Mondrian reds and blues, share an aesthetic that is straight out of an anime cartoon.

The bags are clever optical illusions. Viewed from straight on, they appear as 2-D animations in a 3-D world. Viewed from the side or the back, and they look like any other black bag. The bags are slender, but roomy enough to hold all the basics you’d keep in a regular small purse, clutch, or backpack, and include extra pockets on the inside.

Jump From Paper’s bags are shipped worldwide and range from $30 for wallets to about $140 for their bigger backpacks.

[via Ignant]SW