These Posters For 2015’s Oscar Nominees Are Made Entirely From Stock Images

Most of the posters for the 87th Annual Academy Awards’ Best Picture nominees aren’t nearly as original as the films they advertise. (One even falls into the “white people almost kissingmovie poster cliché trap.)

But in what’s become an annual tradition, called Oscar Pop!, designers at stock photo company Shutterstock have created Pop Art-inspired posters for this year’s eight Best Picture nominees. Armed only with Shutterstock assets, the results are more striking than much of the poster art coming out of Hollywood these days.

When making their posters, each designer took inspiration from a particular pop artist. The poster for Birdman draws on Roy Lichtenstein’s parodic comic book style; The Grand Budapest Hotel‘s pink-and-white polka dot poster is a nod to Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama; The Imitation Game is visualized in the silkscreen style of Andy Warhol; American Sniper channels Richard Hamilton’s collage aesthetic.

You wouldn’t expect on first glance that the raw images used to make these posters could turn into compositions with the imagination of a Warhol or a Lichtenstein, which makes the design project a lesson in the potential of stock imagery as a creative medium.CD