• 02.20.15

Welp, This Exists: A Typeface Made Of Emoji

How has no one done this before?

Emoji-based art and design has become so popular that it’s difficult to think of anything that hasn’t been emojified. We’ve seen celebrity portraits made from emoji, great works of fiction translated into emoji, even Barack Obama’s State of the Union address was summarized in emoji by the Guardian.


To the list we can now add typography made out of emoji. Canadian graphic designer and typographer Christopher Rouleau has been releasing his colorful emoji letters on Instagram one at a time. This isn’t some hastily thrown together clickbait: his letters use the emoji forms cleverly, giving letters serifs, drop shadows and even calligraphy-like accents. For example, the letter W is made of pink watermelons, set on a background of wave emoji, and accented with lighter blue whale emoji that create a drop shadow. After examining a few of the letters, you realize something even more clever about Rouleau’s designs: he uses emoji to represent things beginning with the same letter as the letter he’s creating. Whale, wave and watermelon for W; rat, rain, ring, rocket and rainbow for R. As they’re formatted in Instagram right now, it’s hard to imagine the letters becoming a usable typeface, but we’re hoping if we ask nicely, Rouleau will emoji-brand our new company,

[via Quipsologies]

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