This French Creative Agency Counts Everything It Does In Its Office. EVERYTHING.

The future predicted by the Internet of Things is one that is infinitely quantifiable. Once you’ve slapped sensors on everything, there’s virtually no end to the seemingly mundane things you can count: how many cups of coffee get poured in a year, how many times you open a fridge in a week without pulling something out, and how many flushes it takes you every time you go to the toilet.

Sid Lee Paris, a French creative agency co-owned by Cirque du Soleil (seriously), offers a look at what this sublimely mundane future looks like. To celebrate its office’s sixth anniversary, it stuck sensors on everything they could think of, and presents the data on a beautiful internet dashboard so you can bask in the extreme enumerability of the office’s day-to-day life.

All of these stats and more can be drilled down to on the Sid Lee Dashboard, just by clicking the appropriate box. From there, you can compare today’s running statistics with the stats to date, allowing you to see some interesting patterns: for example, the fact that Sid Lee’s employees made more mistakes (1,329 of them, to be exact) on February 2nd than any other day in the past month, measured by the number of times employees hit  + Z for ‘Undo’ that day.

If this is what the infinitely quantifiable future of the internet of things looks like, I have to say, I find it as wondrous as I do terrifying. Check out Sid Lee’s awesome dashboard here.