This Clever Pushpin Won’t Damage Your Prints

Framing is expensive, especially if you want to frame a non-standard-sized print. But the alternatives aren’t great: you can either scotch tape your print to the wall like a teenager, pin it up with a binder clip like an art student, or be like me, and keep all your prints in storage for the mythical day when you will have the money to properly frame them.

At last, there is a sound alternative. Pon is a cleverly designed push pin that allows you to hang up your prints cheaply without worrying about ruining them with holes. In execution, it’s somewhere between a thumb tack and a binder clip. An unobtrusive steel ring holds your print steady without perforating it, while a spike curling around back pierces your home’s plaster to keep it secured to the wall. You can even use Pon to hang low-weight, non-paper objects that might usually require a shadow box, like a rare coin or a childhood toy.

Created by Chicago-based designer Mark Weiser, Pon is that rare Kickstarter that is both super-cheap (a $9 pledge will get you 40 Pons), but also a sure thing. With nine days to go on the Kickstarter, Pon has already exceed its pledge goal, and the first boxes of Pons will start shipping in April. You can order a set here.

[via Design Milk]JB