Watch This Designer Build A Chair By Hand In 5 Minutes

Jenny Nordberg doesn’t need much time to create her furniture. The Swedish industrial designer’s latest collection features handmade pieces that were all put together in less than five minutes.

In her series, 3 to 5 Minutes, she tries to combine mass production speed with the craft of handmade products. The project, which debuted this month at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, is “about using speed as a method to achieve new expressions and procedures,” she writes on her website. Her secret? Simple materials from the hardware store. All she has to do is make a few cuts, apply a wood finish, and drill holes for screws.

She times herself creating two chairs with pillows, a dining table (with four chairs), and a small trolley on wheels. All together, putting the line together took her less than an hour.

The results are not, obviously, perfect. There are visible screws, and the finish is a little haphazard. This is design accelerated to assembly line speeds, and it’s imperfect. Yet the handcrafted furniture still appears unique; these do not look like the chairs you would buy at Ikea.

Three minutes is a pretty long time frame for Nordberg, anyway. One of her previous projects limited her designs to a three to five second design process.

[via Dezeen]