This Chair Pops Up Like A Frat Boy’s Collar

There are chairs you sit in for a meeting with someone. And there are chairs you nestle into to read a book or sip a cocktail. The Reves Chair, by Muka Design Lab, wants to be both. So it deploys a clever back that pops up like a shirt collar, converting it from low-backed conversation chair to high-backed reading chair instantly.

“We wanted to create the sensation of a child, when he is in a tent, in his own world,” explain Muka’s Lucas Abajo and Laxmi Nazabal via email. “It is about feeling safe and warm at the same time. And also to have privacy when you are alone in a library, a bar, in the hall of a hotel or any public space.”

The chair itself is crafted from oiled beechwood, with two-tone quilted fabric provided by Trevira. It certainly looks cozy. But I’m skeptical that you can fold that backing up and down repeatedly without making the chair every bit as frumpy as a dress shirt that’s gone through the spin cycle. Even two-inch starched collars require plastic stays.

If you’re interested in a Reves Chair to call your own, Muka Design Lab is currently developing the concept with an unmentioned furniture company for future sale.

Learn more here.

[via Dezeen]