Impress Your Coffee Nerd Friends With La Marzocco’s Home Espresso Machine

When dealing with the vast majority of home espresso makers, it’s nearly impossible to pull a shot that’s actually good. But top-of-the-line Italian espresso machine makers La Marzocco announced a new line for the home to satisfy those people who are really, really serious about coffee (or want to look like they are).

These professional-grade machines are designed to be intuitive enough that customers will actually use them but still offer some advanced featured: the GS3 series comes in either auto-volumetric style, which measures the amount of water needed for you, or manual, which allows the serious barista to control just how much water passes through the ground coffee.

These machines are not priced for the faint of heart: the automatic espresso machine will run you $6,900, while the manual is $7,100. These base machines can then be customized, with different sidings, walnut or maple fixtures and a choice of steam wands, which will add on to the already steep price. That’s just a sacrifice you’ll have to make if you want your own personal cafe in your kitchen.

[via Cool Hunting]SW