This Lifeguard Tower Becomes An Igloo When It Snows

Nobody wants to go sunbathing on a Toronto beach in winter, but what if the beaches could be enjoyed even when it’s cold? What if those desolate lifeguard stations were repurposed to keep people warm?

Winter Stations is an international contest organized by RAW design, Ferris + Associates and Curio, and it challenges entrants to solve just this idea.

A project called Snowcone was one of this year’s standout winners. Developed by Department of Architectural Science Ryerson students Diana Koncan and Lily Jeon, Snowcone is a dome of woven steel tubing that slips on top of a lifeguard station. It’s fitted with acrylic panels that turn the geodesic dome into a psychedelic greenhouse when it’s sunny. Some panels have been angled to collect snow, so when it snows, the rainbow greenhouse turns white as its walls are insulated by flurries, just like an igloo.

Snowcone is currently installed and on exhibition at Toronto’s Kew Beach. A quick check of the weather report shows that it’s currently -12° F, so I sure hope this thing works.

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[via Dezeen]