Pornhub Is Pioneering An Alternative Energy Source Through Wearables

As wearables gain popularity, it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing them address more diverse problems and concerns. Pornhub’s soon to be released Wankband is possibly the first wearable device targeted at our masturbation habits.

The band, which–thank god–is worn around your wrist, measures the number of times a user, well, jerks it. Wankband contains a small weight which moves back and forth with your arm, turning your kinetic energy into electrical energy, which you can then use to power your phone, tablet, or whatever else you’d like to envision as jizz-powered. The simple display on the wearable’s face shows the amount of power you’ve stored so far.

Pornhub’s video claims that the device will work just as well for women, but we have our doubts. The beta program, which will also integrate a rewards program, is open now, and the site says it’ll get underway in the “coming months.” Get it? Get it?!

Now, you’d have to be a pretty serious wanker to actually use this device as a charger: the wearable clearly a gimmick meant to advertise Pornhub (something they do to great effect). But maybe they’re actually onto something. According to one study, a full 13% of all web searches are for erotic content. If every masturbator out there was given a Wankband, we may just be able to stop global warming. Thanks, Pornhub.

[via Gizmodo]SW