A SAD Lamp To Brighten Your Mood And Your Home

For some people, winter is a dark time, both emotionally and literally. Light therapy is one of the main treatments for seasonal affective disorder–sometimes known as the winter blues. Unfortunately, most light boxes used to treat SAD aren’t exactly something you’d want to leave lying around your house.

Designer Éléonore Delisse’s “Day and Night” light is a SAD lamp that brightens your mood and your home. Created as part of Delisse’s graduation work at the Design Academy Eindhoven, the red and blue lights are designed to reset your circadian rhythms. Blue wavelength light increases wakefulness and helps combat seasonal depression, while red light promotes melatonin production, helping you sleep.

The lamp consists of a circular piece of color-changing glass, inset in a wooden and stone frame like a ladies’ vanity. The round glass casts a colored shadow through the room, like a miniature sun, helping reset your biological clock, at least in theory. It’s unclear whether Delisse worked with any doctors in developing her lamp, and not all lights are created equal when it comes to SAD. Still, just looking at these lamps makes me feel a little peppier.

[via Designboom]SF