Can You Solve A Jigsaw Puzzle Based On Color Gradients?

If #TheDress social media frenzy of earlier this month proved anything, it’s that people perceive colors very differently. So this jigsaw puzzle which tasks people to fit together a gradient pattern is a nightmarish–but beautifully designed!–joke gift for someone. Since jigsaw puzzles are enough to task even the strongest relationships (“That’s part of a leg, not part of a cheek, you idiot!”), we can only guess at the patience required for two people to put together this 500 piece puzzle.

Produced by Brooklyn-based Areaware and designed by Bryce Wilner, an employee in the Design, Publishing, and New Medium Department of Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the Gradient Puzzle comes in two color variations: red-yellow and green-blue. Unlike normal jigsaw puzzles, which feature a picture to make putting the puzzle together, you need to figure out where a certain piece falls upon the spectrum to solve the Gradient Puzzle. And, of course, if you’re working on the puzzle with your partner, you also need to make sure that both of you actually see that color the same way.

Is the Gradient Puzzle a fun way to spend an evening-in at home, or a boxed retail torture device, available for just $18 from Areaware’s online site? That’s up to you to decide. The Gradient Puzzle, along with the rest of Areaware’s spring collection, will be available to purchase on April 1.

[via Design Milk]JB