New Stamps Pay Tribute To 3-D Printing

San Marino, a tiny nation of 33,000 on the Italian peninsula, has long been known for creative postage stamps that collectors avidly lust after. Artist Andy Rementer, an American who lived in Northern Italy before relocating to the East Coast, was chosen to create three 3-D printing-themed stamps for the small nation.

Rementer is the creator of the Techno Tuesday comic, a humorous reckoning of technology with modern life. It may seem strange for him to represent something that is inherently three dimensional in 2-D–not to mention on a medium as outmoded as postal stamps–but Rementer’s vivid colors and charmingly crude figures capture the gee-whiz charm of pulling a ready-made object out of a printer.

Most of San Marino’s stamps are bought by people in the international community who collect stamps–in fact, it’s one of the country’s major sources of income. It’s easy to get your own: Rementer’s stamps are available for purchase online for less than $10, including shipping.

[via It’s Nice That]