Keyboard Layover Lets You Type In Emoji

New software and a silicon keyboard layover from the art and technology studio Disk Cactus turns your caps lock key into an emoji key, allowing you to emoji on your Mac.

How it works: Download a simple keyboard mapping program that Disk Cactus provides. That installs in OS as a standard language keyboard. Add the layover to your keyboard, hit the caps lock key, and voila. Never be without a smiling poop again!

Of course there are many more emoji (more than 700) than there are keys on a keyboard. Disk Cactus partially got around this by enabling the shift, control, and option keys to bring up more emoji beyond the ones shown on the keyboard layover, coming to 150 total. To pick the 150, the creators used the site Emoji Tracker to asses each emoji’s popularity.

The layover comes in two sizes, fitting standard Macs, the Macbook Air, and the Apple Wireless Keyboard. You can preorder a keyboard layover by donating $15 to Disk Cactus’s the Kickstarter campaign. And be sure to check out Disk Cactus’s amusingly demented Kickstarter video, inspired by their love of early net aesthetics.